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Husband: Alfred Widnell DIMSDALE [See Notes]
Birth:                    23 Apr 1830 London, England
Immigration:                     1854 Canada
Occupation:                      1881 Ontario, Canada
                                      a baker
Occupation:                           a Methodist Preacher
Death:                           1916 Fishburn, Alberta, near Pincher Creek

Father: Thomas Isaac DIMSDALE Mother: Elizabeth Nancy Widnell TAYLOR
Wife: Hannah HENRY
Birth:                     1 Mar 1836 United States
                                      Immigrated to Canada in 1842
Death:                           1905 Bell Ewart, Ontario

Father: Micheal HENRY Mother: , HILL
F  Emily Margaret Adeleine DIMSDALE
Birth:                           1860 Ontario, Canada
Marriage:                             Wallace John KNOTT
                                      Barrie, Ontario
Occupation:                      1881 Ontario, Canada
                                      a music teacher
Moved:                                Wallace John KNOTT
                                      Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

F  Elizabeth H DIMSDALE
Birth:                           1862 Ontario, Canada
Marriage:                 23 Jun 1891 J R AIKENHEAD
                                      Bell Ewart, Ontario

F  Florence DIMSDALE
Birth:                           1865 Ontario, Canada
Marriage:                 12 Jul 1883 Claybert ADAMSON
                                      Barrie, Ontario

F  Alice Gertrude DIMSDALE
Birth:                           1867 Ontario, Canada

F  Lucy Deborah DIMSDALE
Birth:                           1868 Ontario, Canada
Marriage:                 23 Jun 1891 William R JAMIESON
                                      Bell Ewart, Ontario
Death:                           1984 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

M  Lawrence Ebenezer DIMSDALE [See Notes]
Birth:                     1 Jul 1873 Barrie, Ontario
                                      may have been living at Belle Ewart at the time
Death:                    18 Aug 1948 Fishburn, Alberta, near Pincher Creek

M  Henry George Wadsworth DIMSDALE [See Notes]
Birth:                     8 Feb 1876 Port Hope, Ontario
Marriage:                 29 May 1900 Ella Mabel ECKHOLDT
                                      Owatonna, Minnesota
Military Service Ente:    20 Mar 1916 Pincher Creek, Alberta
Death:                    23 Oct 1963 1385 Rockland Ave, Victoria, British Columbia

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