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Husband: Mirko CARICH [See Notes]
Birth:                     7 Mar 1934 Noranda, Quebec
Occupation:                           a Fisherman for 30 years.  Mirk owned and operated his own fishing boat
Marriage:                  1 Nov 1961 Marion Lane DIMSDALE
                                      Vancouver, British Columbia
Death:                    24 Jan 1981 Surrey, British Columbia
                                      a car accident

Father: George CARICH Mother: Angelina
Wife: Marion Lane DIMSDALE
Birth:                     2 Aug 1938 McLennan, Alberta
School Attendance:        15 Jul 1945 Donnelly Heights School
                                      this was the end of Lane's grade 1B year. Her attendance from Mar. to Jul. was 88 days attended
Marriage:                  1 Nov 1961 Mirko CARICH
                                      Vancouver, British Columbia
Death:                    10 Oct 1992 White Rock, British Columbia
Cremation:            Valley View Funeral Home Surrey, British Columbia

Father: Alfred Lane DIMSDALE Mother: Sybil Marion ETHERINGTON
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