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Husband: Thomas Josiah DIMSDALE [See Notes]
Christening:              29 Dec 1825 Finsbury Circus Scotch Church, London, England
Occupation:                      1857 Cavanville, Durham, Ontario
                                      a school teacher
Marriage:                  1 May 1866 Annette LYONS
                                      Virginia City, Montana
Death:                    22 Sep 1866 Virginia City, Montana
Induction:                20 Oct 1962 The Montana Newspaper Hall of Fame

Father: Thomas Isaac DIMSDALE Mother: Elizabeth Nancy Widnell TAYLOR
Wife: Annette LYONS [See Notes]
Birth:                           1836 Brooksville, Pennsylvania
Marriage:                  1 May 1866 Thomas Josiah DIMSDALE
                                      Virginia City, Montana
Death:                    17 Aug 1874 Virginia City, Montana

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