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Husband: Frederick Harry DOWNER
Birth:                    23 Jul 1926
Military:                             a Private - Service No. K-6395
Military Service Disc:     8 Apr 1946
Social Security Numbe:                704-288-927
Marriage:                 20 May 1956 Theresula Hilda STAGER
                                      Creekside, British Columbia
Death:                    24 Aug 1980 Squamish, British Columbia
                                      drowning.  At the time of Ted's death he was swimming or diving from the old Red Bridge
Cremation:                            Brakendale, British Columbia
                                      and Ted's ashes were placed at the Indian Cemetery alongside  his father and mother

Father: Frederick Harry DOWNER Mother: Maria Denny Louise MACK
Wife: Theresula Hilda STAGER
Birth:                    27 Oct 1933 Creekside, British Columbia
                                      - Slalok Indian Reserve
Baptism:                   1 Nov 1933
Marriage:                 20 May 1956 Frederick Harry DOWNER
                                      Creekside, British Columbia
Death:                    28 Oct 1990 Squamish, British Columbia
                                      cirrhosis of the liver
Cremation:                            and Hilda's ashes were placed alongside her husband and his parents at the Indian Cemetery

Father: Alphonse James STAGER Mother: Rosie DICKEY
M  Freddie Harry DOWNER
Birth:                       Oct 1967 Squamish, British Columbia
Death:                       Apr 1968 Lillooet, British Columbia
Burial:                      Apr 1968 Lillooet, British Columbia