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Husband: David Israel RICARDO
Birth:                     1 Jan 1863 White Chapel, London, England
Marriage:                    Jun 1895 Lily Gertrude Child DIMSDALE
                                      Islington, London, England
Death:                    14 Mar 1933 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Father: Moses Isreal RICARDO Mother: Sarah
Wife: Lily Gertrude Child DIMSDALE
Birth:                     1 Mar 1872 2 St. Petersburgh Place, Kensington, sub-district of Saint John Paddington, Middlesex.
                                      Registered 24 May 1872
Marriage:                    Jun 1895 David Israel RICARDO
                                      Islington, London, England
Death:                    21 Aug 1953 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Father: Lewis William DIMSDALE Mother: Susannah CURTIS
F  Sarah Ruby RICARDO
Birth:                           1896
Death:                           1981

M  Cecil David RICARDO
Death:                           1963

M  Harold Leslie RICARDO
Birth:                           1900
Death:                           1959

M  Daniel Lewis RICARDO

F  Kitty Rachel RICARDO
Birth:                    19 Nov 1901 London, England
Marriage:                 15 Sep 1921 Pieter Julius DeKANT
                                      by Proxy
Death:                    17 Apr 1992 Leusden, The Netherlands