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COAT-of-ARMS DIMSDALE ( H. Coll., 1769). Argent, on a fesse dancettee azure, between three mullets sable, two bezants and as an honourable augmentation (granted by Empress Catherine of Russia 1769; R.L., 1813), an inescutcheon or, thereon a wing of the displayed black eagle of the Russian Imperial coat. CRESTS. Out of the coronet of a Russian Baron, a griffin's head azure. INSCRIPTION. Gods Will Be Done



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Dimsdale 1 Sinclair Eckholdt
Dimsdale 2 Geddes Lamb
Dimsdale 3   Etherington

Dimsdale's in the United States

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The limbs that move, the eyes that see,
These are not entirely me;
Dead men and women helped to shape
The mold which I do not escape;
The words I speak, my written line,
These are not uniquely mine.
For in my heart and in my will
Old ancestors are warring still,
Celt, Roman, Saxon, and all the dead
From whose rich blood my veins are fed,
In aspect, gesture, voices, tone,
Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone;
In fields they tilled I plough the sod,
I walk the mountain paths they trod;
And round my daily steps arise
The good and bad of those I comprise.
Richard Rolle

Henry Gerald Dimsdale

I started to research my families history because I reached that age when it seemed important to do so. Unfortunately it is also a time when the most knowledgeable people we want to speak to, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles most of whom are no longer with us. We bring to you what we know of the Dimsdale, Geddes, Eckholdt, Mack, Etherington, Lamb and Sinclair names.
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